What are your favorite materials to use in your designs?

DAMUR focuses on the contrasts of materials, mixing different ones together. Denim is the core of DAMUR designs, as it’s the material across centuries, classes and genders.

Can you tell more about the unisex lines at DAMUR?

The DAMUR unisex lines are made to have shape, a silhouette embracing all genders, which is not normally seen in unisex pieces. We challenge and break the traditional garment rule for defining menswear and womenswear.

Where can I buy DAMUR pieces?

Currently on our e-shop, Konk concept store in Mitte, Berlin and a variety of fashion boutiques in China.

What are the DAMUR bestseller items?

The denim scarves and bags have been a huge success, as the material is unique to see in accessories, but still wearable.

What is the DAMUR style philosophy?

“Live surreal, wear pragmatic” sums up the DAMUR style philosophy perfectly in a few words. Our clothes speak for themselves and simultaneously express your voices in every moment.

What are DAMUR collections inspired by?

The world we are living in, the present, the corner we are passing by every single day. Every single collection tackles with questions we’re all familiar with but don’t dare to answer.



  • Textiles & Clothing department of Fu Jen Catholic University

  • Fashion Department of Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Art

  • Stylisme et création de la mode, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre

  • JAMEI CHEN, Tim Hamilton, McQ Alexander McQueen, Tim Van Steenbergen, Dawid Tomaszewski, Marcell von Berlin

  • DAMUR GmbH