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Do you feel bored today?

Based on our motto: "Life is boring enough" we would like to invite you to our Pre-Christmas-Event. We are DAMUR www.damur.fashion, the inspiration for extraordinary fashion and lifestyle in Berlin. 24th of November, we want to introduce parts of our new collection, but above all, to spend a great evening with you. For this we have put together a nice party including Argentine Tango performance by Dima Suharev (Moldova/Germany) and Erinne Nicole (Canada/Australia), a magic touch by Claus Heintzeler master of magic in slight of hand and dancing to the selection of Fillimur music - we look forward to seeing you.

Of course, the physical well-being is taken care of - in addition to drinks (soft drinks, Motel Beer, Berliner Brandstifter and house-made hot wine), we can also offer you a Taiwanese dumpling specialty 金魚餃子 x Goldenfish Dumplings (pork or vegetarian) and Chocolate Amatller Barcelona for hunger in between.

Furthermore, you are welcome to try on our fashion in the evening or buy it for a special event price (this night only). Above all, we would like to get to know more lovely people who share our motto of the evening "life is boring enough."

PS: Please do not tell anyone: DAMUR should remain an exclusive but somewhat unknown address for open-minded people, extraordinary fashion and exciting encounters in Berlin.




DAMUR LOVES OUR SPONSORS: Motel Beer Berliner Brandstifter 金魚餃子 x Goldenfish Dumplings Fillimur Xocolaters