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DAMUR Studio

damurstudio produces DAMUR as an artistic fashion movie series. Every year, 1 DAMUR episode (story of year) is created ( all 4 seasons in one episode.) Each episode is about the discussion and message of breaking through current stereotype myth and controversial social issue.  In DAMUR, there is NO “off season". If the material is available, you can always order it, no matter which season it is. We strongly believe in the great value of social interaction and emphasizing quality clothes rather than quantity. All our products are made in Europe and each style is limited only worldwide.

The ideal of damurstudio is creating a series and balance between our surrounding, delicate high-end fashion, practical daily and professional wear. DAMUR achieves this with unique design details, smart fit cutting and fine quality materials that are easy to maintain. 


— We think the impossibility inside of box— 



— Interested in joining DAMUR? 

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