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Bio of Damur Huang




We shall always dare to dream and be different.
by Damur Huang


Damur has a Bachelor of Science in 2 majors both in Textile design and Sweater design in 2007 from Fu Jen Catholic University. Before this, he had studied the French horn and classical music in 1995 ~ 2000.  He had an intensive fine art training in private art atelier in Taipei from 2001 ~ 2005 and studied philosophy while attending the university.

In 2007, he successfully entered the fashion department of Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Art. In 2008, he switched to Stylisme et création de mode, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre in 2008 and finished his post-graduation study in 2011. During his post-graduation study in Belgium, he had internship and worked under several fashion designer brands such as JAMEI CHEN, Tim Hamilton, McQ Alexander McQueen, Tim Van Steenbergen and Dawid Tomaszewski. Many of his ideas and designs were applied to the collection line and productions.

In 2011, he worked as an assistant designer under Dawid Tomaszewski and responsible for the men’s wear line and outerwear of the women’s wear. After two seasons of Dawid Tomaszewski, he switched to Marcell von Berlin and played a key role in the design department.  He was responsible for the women’s wear and accessory lines.

After being encouraged by many friends, supervisors, and investors, in November 2013 he launched DAMUR studio.

The most important message Damur Huang wants to communicate is:

Life is boring enough to not knowing yourself better.

His design philosophy is combining classical garment techniques with the newest methods in textile science, always changing the story society expects. He makes designs that imbue figure elegance with functionality, mixing of professional appeal and avant-garde details. 

He thinks to know a person better; you have to see his/her clothes.



Photography by Filip Kacalski

Damur Huang in damurstudo, Berlin

Damur Huang in damurstudo, Berlin