How DAMUR did SFW without garments

Also for this season we were invited to showcase our newest collection at the iFBS Showroom at the Shanghai Fashion Week. Excited to be back in China, we soon realised that the AirFrance had not delivered our luggage and that they were still searching for them... However, the next day we were supposed to showcase our products so how were we going to fix this? We decided to be creative; instead of showcasing the actual garments on the rack, we hung up our lookbook! This way the visitors could still see our collection even though we didn't have our luggage yet.

Luckely, the next day they located te luggage and we could show our actual garments. The rest of the days were a big succes for DAMUR and we met a lot of interesting people. Later DAMUR was invited by T Fashion and selected as one of the 25 young talent designers to present their collection on a catwalk in Taipei, Taiwan. We would like to thank both events for the amazing organization and great atmoshpere.

See the pictures below to get an impression of what our showroom looked like!