What is DAMUR #?


Hashtag. From a forgotten button on an old cellphone to a movement initiator.

What came to be an everyday seen symbol on the internet, formed the essence, the logo of our brand.

To be expressive yet common, inclusive yet distinct – a message made into a single tag. DAMUR is here to provide the ability to state and showcase outside of the digital world.

The # is used by all and owned by no one. Just by placing this little symbol in front of some words, an idea, an opinion, a group is formed. With DAMUR, you are the tag, which allows that. The hashtag logo of DAMUR symbolizes the freedom to express, the uniqueness, openness and is a symbol connecting us all in this digital century. It is incorporated in the designs of the collections as a distinction to give a unique platform for one to express their selves in this over-saturated world of imagery and opinions.

So, become a walking statement through DAMUR and get on to expressing yourselves!

Hashtag it!