DAMUR D-ialogue September 2016


DAMUR D-ialogue September 2016                        View this email in your browser



Missed DAMUR in CIFF47? 

It was just a lovely journey for DAMUR in CIFF47. This time in Copenhagen we gathered together 5 of our team members (Do you know we don't live in the same cities?) and we are very proud presenting DAMUR 002 episode into international level trade show and Scandinavia markets. So if you were not able to see us in CIFF47, don't worry, we will appear in in our D-ialogue September 2016. 



What's new in our 002 episode? 

What's new in our 002 episode? In our 002 episode, we have created a unisex line into our main collection line. It focuses on breaking and twisting the traditional garment rules and limitations between menswear and womenswear. With our innovative detail designs gender is longer an issue for the customer. Our unisex line is a pure genderless concept featuring smart slim cutting. The sizes are available from Nr.1 ~ Nr.5. For more information about our unisex line, please contact our Press & Sales Coordination directly. 



We want to say THANK YOU!

As a fashion company start up, at DAMUR, we are working step by step in creating a strong fashion brand, serving for modern men and women. We strongly believe what DAMUR does is not fashion only, it’s also a journey of life, a story of love. We thus like to thank you for the support so far. So, please stay with us tuned in on our social media channels and our next D-ialogue November 2016.

From left to right: Filip Kacalski, Madi Chen, Monika Ustyniak, Clémence Lerondeau and Damur Huang in CIFF47 Copenhagen.

From left to right: Filip Kacalski, Madi Chen, Monika Ustyniak, Clémence Lerondeau and Damur Huang in CIFF47 Copenhagen.



DAMUR go Nordic this Winter! Soon DAMUR will be available in Copenhagen, Stockholm and more stockists in London. For more information related to our stockists and our product, please kindly contact to our Marketing & Commercial Coordination directly. 

Beside It's only love to give it away, do you also know there are also 4 other quotes that we used in our 002 episode? Do you know what they are? Send us your answer and you'll have a chance to win our limited edition muscle tank top. This game is only valid until 30/09/16, hurry up!



No patience for our 002 products? Looking for our 002 catalogue and price list?
Please, send us your inquire today!


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Special thanks to our Photography & Art Direction: Filip Kacalski /  Filip Kacalski / Studio supported the CIFF47 photography.