Every fashion brand has a story. Ours now include recent success in Taipei.

We offer our deepest thanks to our VIP special guests—acclaimed Taipei-based hair stylist Jslee LEE, make up artist Ric LI and graphic artist Guy LEE.

We also wish to thank our sponsors for their generous support: YUAN SHENG 原生國際Hotel National 全國大飯店, Pice and Pigs 麥斯皮行銷公司Grace DECO Wedding, Motives Yvonne HUANG.

The entire DAMUR team is also indebted to our DAMUR Taipei Press agents Bianca HSU and Jennifer CHAO, as well as the radiant and efficient salon hostess Cindy HUANG. Their talent and expertise made all the difference in our first Taipei-based success.

We are grateful to our partners, friends and guests. Know that we know that DAMUR exists thanks to your support.