003 — #IAMSLUT





Fashion is sex. Fashion is genderless. Sex is the foundation of love and the key to open the next generation. Do you feel ashamed of sex ?

In DAMUR, #Iamslut is a reflection of who we are and how we see the world we are living in today. When we say making “the world great again”, at the same time are we freer? Do you think  our minds and souls are even ruled by greater causes? And whatever that means, we see sadness, unfair and false judgements. 

To be your own slut, you are beautiful, smart and confident, you know what you like and embrace the pleasure of life. Don’t let other saints ruin your climax. Because they probably never have one, yet.  

Yes, I am slut and I enjoy the pleasure and desire of being a human.

DAMUR stands tolerance and harmony of society. Decide who you are. Life is boring enough.


DAMUR — 003 #IAMSLUT  Credit — Stylist: Damur Huang / Photographer: Filip Kacalski Filip - Kacalski Studio / Make Up Artist: Bridget Schwartz / Model: Carl & Olga - VIVA Models  Copyright© 2018 DAMUR GmbH