003 — #IAMSLUT




The 003 collection #IAMSLUT is a reflection of how we see the discussion around sexuality and genders in

today’s world. What we see is unfair and false judgments, and all the sadness it causes. 003 fights against

this and makes the statement: FASHION IS GENDERLESS. Fashion is for everyone.

This statement manifests in the pieces of 003. #LIBERATEME coats can be fastened from both sides,

breaking the tradition of the garment system between men and women. The unisex approach builds the

trademark regarding DAMUR’s no gender -philosophy.

BE YOUR OWN SLUT, embrace the pleasure of life. You are beautiful, smart and confident, and you know

the best what you enjoy. Don’t let other’s ruin your climax. They probably never even had one. 

YES, I am slut, and I enjoy the pleasure and desire of being a human.

DAMUR stands for tolerance and harmony of society. Decide who you are. Life is boring enough.


Photography Filip Kacalski / MUAH Bridget Schwartz / Models Carl & Olga - VIVA Models