001 — Take off


The Buddhist Circle of Life. The loop of everyday routine. From birth to death, from cradle to grave,

ordinary human beings follow the pattern. Generation after generation. No easy way out.

Some patterns are golden — efficiency and rationality; some patterns are rose — desire and lust; some

patterns are transparent — our own thinking — fear and anxiety. Many talk about escape; few take action;

fewer succeed.

But we are no ordinary people, aren’t we?! We are DAMUR. We are extraordinary.

001 Episode, the “Take off” Episode. We are fleeing. We break the pattern. We adopt twisting materials.

Formal still, yet in a futuristic way. The dress still elegant, but short inside and long outside — that is her

unconventional spirit. We start from the pattern; we break it; we surpass it; we rebuild it.

The very first episode of DAMUR, the symbol of DAMUR as a brand. We also seek to break the patterns of

high fashion; we search for our way out.

Photography Filip Kacaslki / MUAH Maja Holcman-Lasota / Models Bruno & Sarah - m4models

Collection 002